30 St Mary Axe Tower / Foster + Partners

Night vision of the building by https://mydecorative.com/londons-magnificent-30-st-mary-axe/

The ’30 St Mary Axe’ is a commercial skyscraper that, designed by Norman Foster and the Arup Group, was built in the Centre of London in 2003. Precisely this building is the site of several offices and, with its 41 floors, reaches 180 meters.

The peculiarity of this architecture lies in the fact that it is the London’s first environmental skyscraper: in fact the tower has an aerodynamic shape that maximizes the amount of natural lighting and ventilation in order to reduce the building’s energy consumption.

About its plan we can say that this architecture breaks with the conventions of traditional box-shaped office buildings: it has a circular floor plan that , tapered at the base and crown, allows better connections to the surrounding streets and free up space for a public square below.

Analyzing better the shape and structure I can tell that the keywords for its representation are:

Shape:  the geometry of the structure is the winning element of this architecture, we could define it as a real cone that tapers to the top (the point with the smallest diameter).

Facade by https://www.archdaily.com/928285/30-st-mary-axe-tower-foster-plus-partners/5dcac37e3312fd7514000029-30-st-mary-axe-tower-foster-plus-partners-elevation?next_project=no

Wireframe: by analyzing the structure more precisely it is possible to observe its skeleton structure with rhomboidal elements, more precisely diamond-shaped, which from the base reach the top of the building.

Diamond structural elements by https://www.archdaily.com/928285/30-st-mary-axe-tower-foster-plus-partners/5dcabc133312fd0ac900001a-30-st-mary-axe-tower-foster-plus-partners-photo

Discretize: within these diamond shapes it is possible to observe, in more detail, the presence of a denser texture, in the shape of a triangle or rhombus, which is certainly necessary to support the structure.


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