30 St Mary Axe Tower

Grasshopper algorithm: CHUNKING DOWN STEP 2

After understanding the structure of the architecture and its characteristics it was possible to continue to model it. In this case the goal was to define and understand how to model the basic plan of the project.

In particular in the first it was necessary to create the perimeter of the structure, so the circle with radius 100, and then to model the inside polygon, a sort of “star” plan where all the function of the building are positioned.

For creating the “star” it was essential to start from a central polygon from which the points, necessary for the creation of the star, were then derived. After that, using point on curve and curve closest point it was possible to find the projection of this points on the circle and then, after changing the position of the circle starting point ( thanks to seam) and dividing the circle in 18 spaces (using rotate and divide curve), to make the segments ( with shatter) that visibly divide the circle.

After dividing the shape a particular command used was cull nth, a command that allows to remove elements from a list, with a chosen pace. In the case under consideration some segments, that were not needed to complete the shape, have been eliminated.

In the end it was reached the most important fase: create the star. Using join curves for the segments chosen from the circle and explode curve for the polygon, it was easy to connect all the points and create the lines that allowed to see the correct shape. Once the shape was visually obtained, all the branches were joined and thanks to join curves the actual shape was created. Then the surface, thanks to boundary surface, was obtained.

Image of the shape obtained from the algorithm.

To go on: in my opinion to continue modeling the structure it may be necessary, having the correct typical plan, to copy it several times in height, for each floor reaching the maximum height. We could therefore use move along the vector z and subsequently, through scale and graph mapper, recreate the trend of the structure that gets smaller reaching the higher floors.


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